• How do I submit a claim and what information do I need to make a claim?
    Each patient is assigned a unique ID. This number is used to identify that there is a valid patient for the services you are providing. You should have received this number from the program reimbursement specialist. Once you enter the patient ID and Date of Birth (DOB) the program will automatically verify that the information you have provided is correct, and it will show you the amount you will be reimbursed.
  • Where can I find the amount I will be reimbursed?
    With each submission (can have more than one claim) for payment, the program will show you how much you will receive for each service. You can also track each submission, the total amount owed for a period, and the status of each payment on the "My Account" page. NOTE: Each submitted request for payment are tracked by a unique reference number. You can also enter your OWN P.O. .
  • How will I get paid?
    You will be paid by cheque or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). We encourage you to sign-up up for EFT if you have not already done so. EFT eliminates the need for you to deposit a cheque and funds are not held.
  • Who can I call for help?
    We have dedicate staff that will answer your questions. Please call 1-866-772-1454.
  • I am a new clinic and not registered, what should I do?
    You must have a valid patient who wishes to receive authorized services provided through the program, and you must be qualified to provide that service. Our Reimbursement Specialist will send you a registration package for those clinics that qualify.

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